Win the race and know the truth in Slide Racing

If you enjoy racing, you will surely enjoy Slide Racing. Slide Racing is a free racing computer game online. Try this game and be a hall of famer in the world of car racing. Slide Racing is a race with a touch of little drama. Almond, a young and promising ambitious racer, learned everything about racing from his father and aided with an experience mechanic. The twist came when Almond’s father was slain.


This time, he will go in a rough car race and aside from winning, your ultimate purpose is to discover who is responsible in the death of Almond’s dearly father. There are eight tracks in this race, and you as Almond must do everything you can to win this dramatic race. In every race won, new tracks and being unlocked and chances are also given to upgrade your vehicles for a more challenging competition. Play this game using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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