Train your cute duckling in Duck Life 1

Duck Life 1 is the first installment from the game series called Duck Life. Obviously, this has something to do with ducks just by basing on the title alone. Since this is the first offering from the series, there are things that gamers should look forward in this game. First is the story which is interesting that will evolve around the series. Second is the game play or objective that will challenge the gamers day by day to their limits.

Duck Life (4)

The story in this game is that you are farmer who has lost his farm due to a devastating tornado. The only thing that is left with you is a duck egg. You will have to take good care of the egg because it is the only thing that can help you regain all the things that has lost. You will have to train the duckling in running, swimming, flying and climbing. After that, you can join the championships in which you will be able to win lots of money and other prizes that can help you get back on your recent status. Do not miss the chance to play this game now!

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