The bad robots are back in Robo Slug 2

Are you familiar with the flash game series Robo Slug? Have you played such game before? If your answer is yes, you are already familiar with it schemes and objective and you will be excited with the content of this article. If your answer is a no, don’t worry because you will be informed about the series and its new edition. Yes! This series is now on its second edition called Robo Slug 2. Fans and avid gamers will surely get excited upon knowing this version. The story or scenario of this game is that a news report has stated that enemy robots are back again invading the whole country. Robo Slug, being the hero robot will now have to act again and stop the rampaging armies of robots headed by five large or monstrous robots.
The upgrades for Robo Slug are ready and its time for the player to help and guide Robo Slug fighting againsts the enemies. Use the gun to shoot them and collect cross sign to regulate the robot’s health, lightning icon for powerful attack and ammo icon for more bullets. Enjoy defeating bad robots in Robo Slug 2.

Robo Slug 2

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