Solve Puzzles And Relax In Ball Rolling 2!

This is a puzzle game where you need to draw some shapes in order to push the ball into the bucket. It is very fun and interesting. You will like the fact that there is a little tutorial at the beginning telling you what to do. You will draw shapes with a pencil. Your goal is to make if fall in the basket collecting all the stars on its way. As you move through levels they will get harder to complete, which is normal.
This is what makes Ball Rolling 2 so challenging. And if you aren’t satisfied with the result, you can always restart the level and start all over again. This game is quite relaxing and it doesn’t require you to be fast. You can play it to relax in your free time. It requires your concentration, though. So if you like these kind of games, click here FOR DETAILS and enjoy playing!

Ball Rolling 2 (3)

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