Slide Racing: Game of Craze and Skills!!

One of the craziest racing games is Slide Racing! The game is about car competition. You need to reach your destination by driving with your best strategy. It is the wildest car competition ever!! The sound and graphics of this game is very addicting too! So don’t waste the time and join the game!!
There will be instructions initially. You will get an option of choosing the level of the game. Whether you want to choose hard, easy or medium level, it’s up to you. When the game start you will see that many other cars are there, you have to make your race by competing with other cars. On the other side, the roads are very zigzag. Without being very strategic you won’t be able to reach your goal. There is a limited time. They will count within how much time you can the goal. If you can’t do that you will lose the game.


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