Serve hotdogs with the Former President in Hot Dog Bush

Oh no! George “Dubya” Bush has been kicked out of the White House. He has no knowledge about other things but he needs a job so that he can stand up once again and be a productive citizen. In Hot Dog Bush you will help him adjust to his new job and make hungry people happy.

Bush Hot Dog Stand  (5)

Serve snacks in different parts of the United States and earn money for George’s retirement house. Serve hungry people as fast as you can, before they pay you less or leave the hotdog stand. People will go to your stand over a period of time and there will be a bubble in their head, cook the food they ordered and get the money. You will be cooking mainly hotdogs, but as you go on the game there will be more foods that you must prepare. The food that they order will be random, it could be hotdog, burger, fries or lemonade. The order could also be a combination of 2 or 3 items. Click on the ingredients to cook and prepare it, and drag the food that they ordered to them. Leave a hotdog or a patty too long in the grill and it will burn. The score in Hot Dog Bush is the cash that you get from the customers. There is a cutoff each day, and it gets higher as you go on other places. Watch out for thieves in and other customers that order and get the food but runs away without even paying. Click on an escaping customer and they will pay, while apologizing.

Hot Dog Bush is fun and fast-paced but pretty frustrating at times as well. After you finish all the stages of the game, you will be counting all of the money you collected. There is a high score list in the game, so if you work hard, you can have your name in that list. You can play the game on

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