Scary Maze Game 8: A Beautiful Nightmare

If you ever dreamt of being a soldier, now is the time to make your dream come true. Be a noble soldier and roam the complicated route of determination in The Scary Maze Game 8! This game is the eighth installment of the Maze game series. What’s new? Well, instead of just being a small ball going through the maze, you are now a soldier. Yes, it has improved graphics compared to the previous.
The game contains a combatant-like setting. The soldier is not just a steady soldier going from one place to another, but it walks with two feet while you are moving the mouse. Also, once the soldier hits the walls, it will explode! So the goal in this game is to finish four levels, and in the end, you will get surprised. Literally! So if then, you like surprises. get ready for The Scary Maze Game 8.

Scary Maze Game 7 (1)

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