Relax and Paint in Chloe’s Nail Salon

Do you enjoy being in fashion in everything? In Chloe’s Nail Salon, pamper yourself by having all sorts of nail polishes, nail stickers and nail arts. At the beginning of the game, you can opt to play either the Challenge Mode or the Freeplay Mode.

Chloe's Nail Salon (1)

In Freeplay Mode, you can be artistic in making your own custom nail design. You can choose for a short, medium or long nail cut and you can combine polishes or arts with stickers. While in Challenge Mode, you can earn money from customers by giving them their desired designs. There are four levels to enjoy in the Challenge Mode. Be cautious of the customer’s patience bar too. And in either Mode, if you think you made a mistake on a finger, you can always use the nail cleaner. Chloe’s Nail Salon is a fun skill game. Girls will love playing it.

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