Prove that you’re a genius in The Stupid Test 4!

People call you stupid and you’re just sick and tired of hearing it. You’re not stupid! You know it, they don’t. If only there was a way to prove to other people that your not stupid…..oh wait, there is! In The Stupid Test 4, prove that you’re not stupid by answering all of the tricky questions. The game might sound easy since you’re not stupid, but it’s really not. The questions are cleverly phrased so read twice before you click on an answer! There are over 3 levels in the game. From easy to difficult, squeeze your brain juices to prove that your are a closet genius. There is no link for the game, however, this game is available in lots of places online.

Play The Stupid Test 4 now and prove to everyone that you not only have the looks, you’ve got a brain as well.

The Stupid Test 4

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