Protect the earth in Alien Attack

Do you believe in aliens? Have you seen one? I know that there are many speculations and some considerable evidences that they truly exists but until now, there is no legit proof of their whereabouts and origin. Nevertheless, the idea of them existing just made humans curious and interested in finding out the truth as soon as possible. There are speculations that they are ahead of mankind’s intelligence and have been existing for hundreds or millions of years but then again, there are no legit explanation to that speculation. The themes about aliens have been incorporated in different entertainment mediums because they are mysterious and unfamiliar with mankind. One good example is the flash game called Alien Attack. In this game, the story starts when the unknown creatures which are said to be aliens attacked the planet Earth. The player’s mission in this game is to be the leader of an alien attack team which will be responsible for defeating and eliminating aliens as soon as possible. Utilize the shooting weapons given in the game to achieve the goal successfully.



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