Perform Amazing Stunts With Shopping Cart Hero 4!

This is a quite weird racing game! Your vehicle is an unusual vehicle. It’s a shopping cart! Your hero is a stick figure and he is a very charming little guy. And your only goal is to push it and perform different stunts like jumping and flying, and of course you need to reach the ground safely. But this sequel offers some amazing new features.
You can add a nitro tank to your cart to boost your speed. You can also add turbo engine to your cart and there is a new type of shopping cart: electric powered cart! This can be a nice way to spend your free time because it is so fun! There are various stunts to perform. You can do flips, superman and handstand tricks and others. You are driving through some very interesting terrains. And while you are driving you are earning cash! So the more stunts you perform in Shopping Cart Hero 4, the more cash you will earn!

Shopping Cart Hero 4 (1)

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