Win the race in Rumble Town Racing 2

The author addicting games is pleased to let you know that a new version of the series Rumble Town Racing is ready to enjoy and its name is suggested as Rumble Town Racing 2. A town named Rumble Town has many aggressive and skillful drivers, but the drivers need some more in order to reach the finish line fast. There are more than 7 different driving modes and you are free to select one of them.
Many cars are available to unlock, unlock a few of them and then pimp the ride. Make sure to reach the finishing line first of all drivers to win this amazing race. If you need some instructions about how to drive and participate in this race, just go the instruction area to learn all this. It’s enjoyable for all ages and not just for kids.

Rumble Town Racing 2

Show your skills in Blosics 3

After starting this 3rd version Blosics 3, it is impossible for you to stop it and quit playing. Why? Because it has many new features and many new levels that are very interesting. The game is simple, but you will not know this fact until you do some actual actions. Although, learning and achieving the levels are easy tasks when you play a few first levels, but as long as you go ahead in this game, you will see some very difficult levels coming to pass, so such further levels are not easy to achieve though.
You will have som tools to use, so with the help of those tools, you can easily make your strategies to make the block down and do it fast as much as you can and make sure to do it efficiently.

Blosics 3

Nice characters in Dwarf Village

The author is happy to announce a new game named Dwarf Village, where the player will start with turnip (a yellow plant or vegetable) seeds. He has to perform like a crazy person. Eventually, the player can upgrade to many things such as cucumbers, horses, chickens, animals, and melons. When you start the game, you will see some questions that will be asked from you, like have you any idea about farming? If you reply yes, then a next window will open displaying this message. Well, just come to my home, and I would like to help you regarding anything you need.
The controls are simple, and one of them is your mouse. How to use the mouse in this game? Well, see the provided instruction that can be found on the main screen.

Dwarf Village

Help the sheep in Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London

The Aardman made a popular and adventure game Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London, which is the sequel of a puzzle game. You will see that the Shaun sheep with his friends lost in a UK city London. You have to assist them search their way to their home. Remember, each sheep owns his unique strength, so don’t forget that when you guide all of them back home. Enjoy this 2nd edition.
The controls of this game include W, S, A, D, 1-3, and Arrows. Arrows and W, S, A and D can be used to move the sheep, 1-3 can help you switching between Shaun, Shirly and Timmy. Make sure to guide them the right way, otherwise they won’t be able to reach their home back and you will be unable to win the game.
Home Sheep Home 2

New features in Dolphin Olympics 3

Did you enjoy the versions of Dolphin Olympics that were released earlier? If you have played those, you will like Dolphin Olympics 3. In this edition, your duty is to train the dolphin to act several tricks and after completing the training, he will compete against other players to get a bronze, silver and gold trophies. If you need some detail about these three types of trophies, just click this link and read the full detail.
As you start your attempts to teach the award-winning dolphin, you enter the training camp to start instructing the dolphin how to use the new trick. But keep in mind that, since the dolphin was seen able to train the fish, so these tricks will not make the judges and the audience happy while they will see these tricks, so to avoid these boring jobs make sure to do something newer.

Papa Louie 1: Learn controls of this game.

Papa Louie 1 is a game of the owner and chief of his shop named as “Papa’s Pizza Shop”. He is famous to provide free pizza every person that visits him and enters into his shop. But this free providing gave him somehow different results he was not ready for. His delicious and mouth watering pizza is turning into a mutation monster pizza. Papa is now in trouble, and it is up to him how he is planing to save his customers as well as finding the man who is responsible for this dark plan.
There are many controls of this Papa Louie 1 game, such as Arrow keys, Z, Space-bar and X. The Right Arrow key is to move the Papa on the right while the left arrow will be used to move him on the left side. Z is for using Pizza bat, while the X key can be used for making the Papa use bomb on his enemies.

Bang Howdy: The Western War

Who doesn’t like to be a cowboy and rule over the western era? Definitely everyone likes to get a taste of adventure there and Bang Howdy is the perfect game for that.
This game has taken place in western world. You have to go to the general store to buy a hat and your equipments. If you lack money, you can exchange gold in the bank to get some money. When you have enough fire power, you can go to the saloon and take on some missions to earn more cash and reputation. There are many characters in this game that will never allow you getting bored. This is why this game has become very popular all over the world.

Cherry Cupcake: Sara’s Cooking class. Prepare your own cupcake.

Cherry cupcake is a flash game where you have to prepare cherry
cupcake. This process includes cooking, decorating and presenting. It is a bit girly game.
In Cherry cupcake, the necessary equipment will be there for you in the kitchen. The whole process, as in what you have to do to finish the game is continuously hinted in the bottom left corner, one step after the
other. So basically, you won’t have any problem playing it. It is a quite
straight forward game. And there are no levels. It will take approximately 4-5 minutes to totally understand and finish the game. All in all, not that interesting game. I won’t be playing it again, that is for sure

Fashion Solitaire-Organize Your Model

Fashion Solitaire is a fashion game where you need to make your models beautiful and to do this you need to make your models dressed properly. You also need to do a great makeover for your models.
Fashion Solitaire is free game and anyone can play this game without making any payment. It is free game and you could play it online whenever you like. The game is available for all and whenever you like you could play it. The game is free for all and people from different ages can enjoy this game. You must make your character look beautiful otherwise you will not be able to win the game. Why are you waiting for, this is a great game to play. So, play it online and enjoy your time. It is free for playing without any cost so you can try it online and you can enjoy the game.

Penguin Diner 4-Satisfy Your Customers

Penguin Dinner is a shining title of a game series in the world of online cooking game. There are many online cooking games but this is so interesting that developers are bound to release different versions of this game. In this piece of writing we are going to focus on Penguin Dinner 4. The players who have played the previous version of this series, is going to be amazed by the added features of Penguin Diner 4.
The objective of this game is to as much money by running a diner successfully. Hungry customers will enter in your shop and you have to make sure that they leave the shop with full satisfaction. You have to work really fast in order to make more money. Keep in mind that if a customer leaves the dinner unhappy, your points will be deducted. All cleared levels will make you the winner of the game.
Have Fun!