Create a formidable team in Bot Arena 3

Robots have been very helpful in many different ways. In terms of hospitality, finance, business, arts, and simple activities at home, they are very dependable. They are products of technology. If there is a disadvantage with robots, it is the event that they take the responsibilities of some workers leading to the loss of certain jobs. Nevertheless, they are still useful and important in the society.

As a way to show the appreciation towards robots, game producers are able to create flash games that feature robots. One of them is called Bot Arena 3. Obviously, the players will be dealing with robots. The objective or mission in this game is to create a team of formidable robots who will battle it out in the arena. Each robot will face its counterpart and try to win all the battle in the arena. This is actually the third edition from the series called Bot Arena. If you are still curious about this game, feel free to search for it online now!

bot arena 3

Relax and Paint in Chloe’s Nail Salon

Do you enjoy being in fashion in everything? In Chloe’s Nail Salon, pamper yourself by having all sorts of nail polishes, nail stickers and nail arts. At the beginning of the game, you can opt to play either the Challenge Mode or the Freeplay Mode.

Chloe's Nail Salon (1)

In Freeplay Mode, you can be artistic in making your own custom nail design. You can choose for a short, medium or long nail cut and you can combine polishes or arts with stickers. While in Challenge Mode, you can earn money from customers by giving them their desired designs. There are four levels to enjoy in the Challenge Mode. Be cautious of the customer’s patience bar too. And in either Mode, if you think you made a mistake on a finger, you can always use the nail cleaner. Chloe’s Nail Salon is a fun skill game. Girls will love playing it.

Get ready for a scary ride with New year Maze Game

For all the fans of scary maze games around the world, the scary maze game site released a fun packed New Year Scary Maze Game. The site released this game in the month of December in the year 2012. As the very name of the game suggests it is intended to surprise the scary maze game fans around the globe. The New Year Scary Maze Game is not only fresh, but it offers a superior gaming experience for the players.

The game has 3 levels that vary in level of difficulty. There are some funny elements such as in level one the appearance of Santa Clause when the player commits an error by touching the walls. The game is simple, but it requires the players’ concentration. The mouse controls the game the game that can be played at


Make your Effing Worms giant

Always love to be in control? How about controlling a small worm and turn it into a huge killing machine. Effing Worms is a strategy action game. Your task is to control the worm, make it eat animals or humans so it will grow bigger and bigger.


To eat the animals and humans, you must attack with stealth or else, they will run away from you. The worm can only go out from the ground to eat but not to stay. At the bottom right portion of the screen, you will find the number of enemies you need to eat and the upgrade counter. At the bottom of the screen is the remaining time you have to eat the required number of enemies. Eat as fast as you can before time runs out. You will be given options for revolving at the start of the next level. Try it at

Make your stuffed toy in Teddy Textile

Teddy Textile is considered a girls’ game. It is about making your own stuffed toy. A teddy bear will assist you how to make one. You can choose what kind of stuffed toy you like to make. You can choose between a bear, a dog, a bunny, a cat or a horse. After picking what animal, you can choose from four kinds of fabric you will use. Then the teddy bear will instruct you in cutting the fabric.


After cutting, Mr. Teddy Bear will guide you on how to sew the fabric. Afterwards, you will put cottons in the sewn fabric thru a funnel. And then, you will put eyes, nose and lips. Then there is your stuffed animal made in a very short time. Teddy Textile is a fun game especially for young children who are attracted at stuffed toys. Try to create all five patterns.

Solve Puzzles And Relax In Ball Rolling 2!

This is a puzzle game where you need to draw some shapes in order to push the ball into the bucket. It is very fun and interesting. You will like the fact that there is a little tutorial at the beginning telling you what to do. You will draw shapes with a pencil. Your goal is to make if fall in the basket collecting all the stars on its way. As you move through levels they will get harder to complete, which is normal.
This is what makes Ball Rolling 2 so challenging. And if you aren’t satisfied with the result, you can always restart the level and start all over again. This game is quite relaxing and it doesn’t require you to be fast. You can play it to relax in your free time. It requires your concentration, though. So if you like these kind of games, click here FOR DETAILS and enjoy playing!

Ball Rolling 2 (3)

Perform Amazing Stunts With Shopping Cart Hero 4!

This is a quite weird racing game! Your vehicle is an unusual vehicle. It’s a shopping cart! Your hero is a stick figure and he is a very charming little guy. And your only goal is to push it and perform different stunts like jumping and flying, and of course you need to reach the ground safely. But this sequel offers some amazing new features.
You can add a nitro tank to your cart to boost your speed. You can also add turbo engine to your cart and there is a new type of shopping cart: electric powered cart! This can be a nice way to spend your free time because it is so fun! There are various stunts to perform. You can do flips, superman and handstand tricks and others. You are driving through some very interesting terrains. And while you are driving you are earning cash! So the more stunts you perform in Shopping Cart Hero 4, the more cash you will earn!

Shopping Cart Hero 4 (1)

Learn geography in 50 States V2

Do you know the advantage of educational games among other games? Three answers can justify the greatness of educational games. First reason is it enables one to learn something by playing a game that is a multipurpose flash game. Second reason is it enables one to have new ideas and perspective of a particular subject or topic. Third reason is it enables one to exercise critical and logical thinking, which are integral in everyday living. There are different subjects that all of us have studied or still studying now.
If there were one subject that enables one to be familiar with location and places, it would be Geography. There is a flash game that tackles Geography and it is called 50 States V2. The objective of this game is very simple which is to put or match the 50 states according to their proper places. You will be given a puzzle like situation where you have to correctly match the states to earn high score. The good thing about this game is that you will be improving your sense of direction and location as well as memory.


Come back of Scary Maze Game 7!!!

Who doesn’t know the thrill of Scary Maze game!! Yes, it came back with a latest version called Scary Maze game 7!! Definitely this version is offering you many new stages and obstacles!! At the end, what’s gonna happen? I think we all know about that! Ha Ha! So get ready to play the game and show how steady your hand is.
The primary levels are quite easier than the advanced levels. There will be stages of different shapes like stars or rounds or blocks etc. You need to take the dot (which will be controlled by the usage of your mouse) to the destination. As it is a latest version, so while going to the destination you will face obstacles like various enemies for which you might lost the game. After completing target levels, what will you achieve? If you wanna know then please play the game !!!!

Scary Maze Game 7 (2)

Slide Racing: Game of Craze and Skills!!

One of the craziest racing games is Slide Racing! The game is about car competition. You need to reach your destination by driving with your best strategy. It is the wildest car competition ever!! The sound and graphics of this game is very addicting too! So don’t waste the time and join the game!!
There will be instructions initially. You will get an option of choosing the level of the game. Whether you want to choose hard, easy or medium level, it’s up to you. When the game start you will see that many other cars are there, you have to make your race by competing with other cars. On the other side, the roads are very zigzag. Without being very strategic you won’t be able to reach your goal. There is a limited time. They will count within how much time you can the goal. If you can’t do that you will lose the game.