Shoot strategically with Bounzy 2

Bounzy 2 is the second edition from the game series called Bounzy. This is a game that involves a lot of shooting action and zombies. If you will notice, zombies are becoming usual characters in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. This scenario happens because of two things. First is because of the fact that zombies are entertaining and exciting to watch or play with. Second is because of the fact that they have mysteries that we all want to unfold in the near future.

Bounzy 2’s mechanics is very simple and easy to understand. The player will be given a shooting weapon which he or she will use in order to kill the zombies on the field. The reason why the name of the game is Bounzy 2 is due to the fact that the bullets in your shooting weapon is bouncing. It means that you don’t have to shoot directly towards the zombies but make it ricochet back.

Bounzy 2

Face the Trollface confidently in Trollface Quest

Are you familiar with Trollface Quest? Do you have any idea about it? Is it a movie, a television series or a flash game? If you are affirming the first two options, you are wrong because it is an example of a flash game. It is the first edition from the series called Trollface Quest. There are two reasons why you will love this new offering. First is because of the involvement of puzzles and other instructions which will test your patience and knowledge. Second is because of the environment that will set up the mood as well as the Trollface himself. Trollface Quest is a point and click style puzzle game.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to deal with puzzles in each level of the game. You will also follow the instructions that will be given by the trollface which can be confusing or exciting, You just have to be strategic, confident and logical to win the game. Visit if you want to experience the nerve, challenge and excitement.

Trollface Quest  (4)

Right timing of Base Jumping

Base jumping is often regarded as a fringe extreme stunt or to some, sport. If you are brave enough to do skydiving, bungee jumping or base jumping but do not have the time or the place where to do such, you will surely have fun with the game entitled Base Jumping. Unlike the actual base jumping, the flash game Base Jumping is not dangerous to your person at all although it is hazardous to the round character in the game.

Base Jumping is an action-packed adventure sports game. It is full of excitement too. Your goal is to be the king of extreme sports. You will compete against three base jumpers. Jump after the cue word Go. You should release your parachute at the right time; you should be the first to hit the ground but you should not hit the ground hard. Your will find your life bar at the upper right corner.

An introductory stacking adventure in Super Stacker 1

What if the world has no shapes at all? Can you imagine how things will look like? Maybe most of you will answer about dullness and incomplete world which is true. Shapes are trully important in so many ways. There are many uses of shapes in this world. They give form and structure to any object, living or not living as well as the environment. They say that the best way to introduce shapes to young kids is through playing games. A good example of a flash game that children can play is the one called Super Stacker 1. This is the introductory part or anchor game from the series with the same title minus the number one.


From the title itself, you can determine that it has something to do with stacking. The objective of the player in this game is to stack the shapes according to the form or figure required in each level. If you already stack the figure, it will have to stand for a given time. If it breaks or falls, you will lose a life. If it ables to stand, you will advance to the next level. This is a matter of control and timing to be successful in the game.

Can you find treasures in Duck Life 6

If you had fun playing Duck Life game series, you will surely love more than all its prequels the sixth installment. It is said that there are treasures in the cave of the volcano. Be one of the duck adventurers and seek those treasures.

Duck Life 6 (3)

Your goal in Duck Life 6 is to collect as many coins as you can. There are lots of shops outside the cave where you can find useful items such as pets, high tech devices, potions and coin magnets to help through the race. You can also use the coins to groom yourself or change your appearance. One added feature in this sequel is that all accessories or clothes are not just decorations. Clothes and accessories now give boost to your duckling; the more expensive the item, the more boost it gives. And you can now bring a pet to help you with your journey in the cave.

Protect the earth in Alien Attack

Do you believe in aliens? Have you seen one? I know that there are many speculations and some considerable evidences that they truly exists but until now, there is no legit proof of their whereabouts and origin. Nevertheless, the idea of them existing just made humans curious and interested in finding out the truth as soon as possible. There are speculations that they are ahead of mankind’s intelligence and have been existing for hundreds or millions of years but then again, there are no legit explanation to that speculation. The themes about aliens have been incorporated in different entertainment mediums because they are mysterious and unfamiliar with mankind. One good example is the flash game called Alien Attack. In this game, the story starts when the unknown creatures which are said to be aliens attacked the planet Earth. The player’s mission in this game is to be the leader of an alien attack team which will be responsible for defeating and eliminating aliens as soon as possible. Utilize the shooting weapons given in the game to achieve the goal successfully.



Beautify the famous cat in Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover

Most of us are familiar with Hello Kitty as the most famous cat in the world. We are also aware that she is a symbol of beauty and cuteness. But just like any other humans, she also needs some pampering and makeover. It can only be done through the flash game called Hello Kitty Stylish Makeover. The good thing about this kind of game is that players can have a medium on which they can unleash their sense of style as well as talent in the field of beautification and makeovers. It is also a good medium to raise awareness to children that it is important to take care of themselves and overall personality.

hello kitty stylish makeover

In this stylish game, the player’s mission is to help Hello Kitty achieve her desired look and transformation. Unleash you make up skills and sense of style to bring happiness to Hello Kitty’s face. This fantastic and colorful flash game can be played online. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and engage with this stylish game now! Beautify and have a colorful game time.

Defend your beloved village in Horde Siege

In a game or sports, there are two important things needed to win besides sportsmanship and camaraderie. They are defense and offense. These two are very important because if one is lacking, the other one will suffer. It is better that these two are present than only one. Offense pertains to attacking and creating force towards the opponents while defense pertains to defending by blockings, shields and towers. There is a flash game that simply incorporates these two aspects and it is called Horde Siege.

If you are familiar with the game Storm Ops 3, then you will be glad to be playing Horde Siege. You will act as the protector of your beloved village. You must try to defend it against incoming invaders and enemies which are hordes of orcs. You will be given a trusty bow which you can use together with certain arrows in shooting the hordes until they are all shot and killed. Your performance in each stage is important because you can use the points in upgrading your equipment.

Horde Siege

Be at the Server Arena in Duck Life 7

Duck Life 7 is the seventh edition from the series called Duck Life. Obviously, this has something to do with a duck. The series Duck Life has been very successful that is why it has come up with Duck Life 7. Two factors contribute to this success. One is because of the involvement of animals such as ducks, which most kids are very fond about. Two is because of the challenges as well as entertainment that it offers to players.

Duck Life 7 (3)

The main objective of the players in this game is to train the duckling in climbing, swimming, running and flying to be an eventual champion duck. There are three servers that the player can enjoy such as the pond, the river and the creek. After being successful with the three servers, you can now join the fun and challenge in Server Arena. To find out what this arena is all about, you can visit

Push The Ball In Ball Rolling 2

Spend your free time playing this relaxing game! Your goal is to draw certain objects and make to ball roll into the container. It is a strategy building game and very exciting! If you are a beginner, instructions through the game will help you a lot. It will tell you what to do. But later, when you progress you will need to figure it out yourself.

Ball Rolling 2 (4)

Ball Rolling 2 isn’t so hard to play, bit it requires your concentration. You need to build a strategy on how to make that ball fall into the container. As you progress it will become more difficult. While your ball is rolling you will collect some stars. So make sure you draw the shape precisely, push the ball and collect all the stars in your way. And all of this you will do with your mouse. So click here FOR DETAILS and enjoy it to the maximum!