A Ship Filled with Treasures in Raft Wars

Usually shooting games are full of action. Most of them are violent. Again, there are some people who likes shooting games but don’t likes violence. Are you among that group of people? If so, then there is a game that is not violent but full of challenges. This game is called Raft Wars. In fact, the sweet story of the game going to attract you. You will hardly find any shooting game that come with such a story and fun at a time. You can click here to know more about it.
Let’s begin with the story of the game. In the game you will find yourself travelling in the sea with a big ship. This is not an ordinary ship. This ship is full of treasures. When you will reach in the middle of the, some enemies will attack you. They want to take all your treasures by killing yourself. From here, the game will start.

Enjoy the Skull Kid Game

Skull Kid game series is a popular one on the internet which is a very unique game. Do you like the games which are cover based? If you like to play the game you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you wish. Click here in order to play the game.
Skull Kid is a shooting game too. The game is arranged with different weapons. All the weapons are very fast and powerful. There is chainsaw too in the game. At the first level of the game you will have a chainsaw to kill the enemies. You also have to explore the boxes that you will get in front of your way. There are lives and some weapons in the boxes. Coins are also hidden in the box. You can earn the coins by playing the game. The most developed programming technology is used to create the game and of course it is free.

A Game For Your Kid- Simulation games

This is the time when online game has become the biggest source of entertainment. All aged group people love to play online games. There are different games has been developed for different aged people. Here, we are going to focus on a game that is very popular among the kids. Actually, this game has been developed considering the kids and that’s why kids are attracted by it. If you are looking for a perfect game for your kid then you can try this out. This game is called Simulation games. You must see this.
We usually, see that kids love to see them in different characters. Sometimes they say they are doctor, sometimes pilot and other time player. This is the basic concept of the game. Here, kids have to play different characters. All characters are made in such a way that they attract the kids like a magnet.

One of the Shining Titles- Diner Dash

Diner Dash is one of the shining titles in the world of restaurant games. There are different sequels of this game and each of them is entertaining. You will easily find the game in different websites. The game can be played for free. The only thing you need to play the game is your internet access. There is no option of downing the game in the PC but you can play it from any trusted website whenever you want. Visit any website to learn more about it.
In Diner Dash you have to run a restaurant successfully. You have to satisfy your customers in all the aspects. You have to give them a warm welcome them make them seated properly. After that, you have to take order from them and then quickly place the right order at the right table. Don’t keep waited your customers for a long time.
Have Fun!

Exiting Portal Flash Game

What kinds of online games attract you the most? I know you will say challenging games. Actually, these games are so exciting that the players forget about the rest of the world. If some humor is added with this challenge, then what will be your reaction? I know, you will love to play that for after hours after. Such a game is Portal Flash Game. Actually, this is a puzzle game and you know how challenging the puzzle games are! With solving the puzzle you will also enjoy the humor of the game. Why don’t you click here to play the game right now!
This amazing game comes with its fin 50 levels. The features of the game is going to amaze you with the larger extend. You can control the whole game with your keyboards. Use WASD for movement. So, go to portal flash game and start enjoying this fun game.

Have Fun with Curveball

The Pong was a popular game once a time. If you ever played the game know may know what the game is about. The game is to aim some balls. Now as the new installment of Pong game, the Curveball has taken the market. Regular gamers must see it.
Curveball is very enjoyable to play. As the game is downloadable and has its online version you can play the game in any way according to your wise. If you have your own computer that you use all the time you can download the game in it. You will be given three lives in the game. You must complete each level without losing the three levels. If you lose three lives to cross any level the game will finish. You must manage yourself to finish the level within three lives. If you are bored with puzzle games you should try it to make your gaming life enjoyable.

Play Bomb It 5 for Free

Bomb It 5 is the latest installment of the game series. The game is so much popular that developers are getting opportunity to increase the features of the game more. In this version of the game there are different worlds to play. Learn more about the game before start playing.
Bomb It 5 has lots of new features than its previous version. All the features of the game are much improved so if you already played the previous versions of the game you can get it easily. If you play the old versions you can easily play the new one. In this installment there are different worlds and enemies but the game rule is same. You will face lots of enemies in this game and you have to kill them with your weapons and bombs. You can ask your friend to join with you to play the game as it support two players at a time.

Play Free Bing Games

In the past it was not believable that one can play game online for free. It was really very strange thing in the past but now it has become possible. Bing offers lots of online games for free. You don’t need to buy a CD or DVD for playing games. Click here to visit the amazing site.
Bing games are very interesting and user friendly. The games are very enjoyable and available for play 24/7. There is no single charge for playing the games so you can enjoy it. If you and your friend want to play then you can choose multiple player option to play the game. As you don’t need to download the games you can enjoy them anytime you wish. There are thousands of games for you to play. If you are a game lover then it is sure that you will become a fan of the site.

Sonic Free Riders With Microsoft Kinect Controller

Sonic Free Riders is an amazing motion game. Now, this game has come up with Microsoft Kinect motion sensor. Yes, from November 2010 it is available to play with your Xbox. Here, you will experience a completely new control and you are going to love this one. You must try it out. You can download now from the internet.
Sonic Free Riders is a racing game. There will be given different teams and your can select any of them. May be you are thinking how in the Microsoft Controller. Actually, it is very easy and simple. For the left and right move, you only have to move the upper portion of your body in the direction that you want to go. Sometimes you need to stand and you need to do that when you are in the skateboard. You also need to jump and do advance movement to win the race.

Bush Selling Hot Dogs in Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is a simple restaurant game. Can you tell me, what come across in your mind, after seeing the name of this game? Yes, the name Bush. You may ask why the name is so. It’s because you are going to play the role of former US president Gorge Bush who is selling hot dogs to the customer. Visit any website to learn more about it.
One day former US president is thrown from Whitehouse. Then, the president gets upset and worried. Suddenly he notices a hot dog shop and decides to have one. After that he starts his own hot dog shop. In the game you have to prepare and sell the hot dogs. You will get buns and sausages for preparing hot dogs. You are allowed to prepare only three hot dogs at a time. Serve them before they are burn.
So, go and start playing Hot Dog Bush!