Organize the flow of traffic at Crash Town

Crash Town is an example of a flash game that has a unique gameplay. From the title alone, you can sense that it has something to do with crashing and mayhem. You are correct but your mission in this game is different. Since this game is called as it is, you will be dealing with a disorganization of traffic. The situation is that there is a town named Crash Town for the reason that there is always a mayhem happening on the road day by day.

Crash Town (4)

Your ultimate goal is not to create more mayhem or chaos but to stop them. In each road, you will have to put the necessary signs and ample so that the flow of traffic will be smooth sailing. But you must remember that each level progresses which means that the scenario or chaos becomes bigger and tougher to accomplish. Your keys to success in this game are right timing and coordination.

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