Make your stuffed toy in Teddy Textile

Teddy Textile is considered a girls’ game. It is about making your own stuffed toy. A teddy bear will assist you how to make one. You can choose what kind of stuffed toy you like to make. You can choose between a bear, a dog, a bunny, a cat or a horse. After picking what animal, you can choose from four kinds of fabric you will use. Then the teddy bear will instruct you in cutting the fabric.


After cutting, Mr. Teddy Bear will guide you on how to sew the fabric. Afterwards, you will put cottons in the sewn fabric thru a funnel. And then, you will put eyes, nose and lips. Then there is your stuffed animal made in a very short time. Teddy Textile is a fun game especially for young children who are attracted at stuffed toys. Try to create all five patterns.

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