Kill the bad worms in Worms Level 2

If there is a game that offers a unique playing field and characters, it can be the flash game called Worm Level 2. There are three reasons why it is very unique. One is because of the characters which are mainly, worms, the good and the bad ones. Second reason is because it involves action which most of us didn’t expect to be a nature of soft creatures like worms. Last is because it tells a story of survival. To be informed about Worms Level 2, continue skimming and scanning this whole content.
The story of this game is about a worm who must find its way home before sunrise or else, it will die but along the way, it will encounter certain worms that are hungry for flesh because these creatures are turned into zombie worms. The good worm must be able to eliminate the bad ones using the weapons available such as sword and gun. The player must help and guide the worm to reach a safe place before the sun rises.

Worms Level 2

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