Guide Mario achieve the goal in Super Mario Star Scramble 2

Are you familiar with the famous game character named Mario? It will not be difficult for most of us to distinguish Super Mario because one way or another, he has been part of our childhood and the new generation as well. A lot of people are able to enjoy games involving Super Mario and there is a new game which is the second installment of a flash game series and it is called Super Mario Star Scramble 2.
Avid followers and gamers of the famous Super Mario will surely get excited with this new game. To find out more details, just continue reading this article.This fun jump and run game is all about Mario who has a mission to save the Mushroom from Bowser. You must help and guide Mario defeat Bowser by jumping and running through obstacles while collecting stars and coins. This is a wonderful game for everyone. Search for this game online and have fun playing Super Mario Star Scramble 2.

Mario Star Scarmble 2 (2)

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