Draw Fast or Drop Dead in Smokin Barrels

Survive in the Wild West and build your reputation as the top gun in Smokin Barrels. Draw with the most notorious names in the desert to gain the money and reputation that you deserve. Customize and buy equipment for your gunner to beat those who are on top. Starting off with a gun and a bullet that is not even worth a cent. Prove to everyone that you got what it takes to be the star. The game is easy, the mouse is the only thing that you will be using. In the start of each duel, you will put the mouse pointer in the safe area under your gunner. Then an officiating cowboy will signal the start, upon shouting the word “Draw”.

Smokin Barrels (1)

A target will appear and you and your opponent will race to it and fire your gun by using the Left click on the mouse. The closer you shoot in the middle, the higher damage you will deal to the opponent. Both sides have health bar on top and the one who drains it all first loses. Buy powerful guns and cowboy hats to enter the big league. After defeating all the gunners in the West, you can purchase the Sniper Rifle to unlock a mini game. Try out Smokin Barrels and see if you have what it takes to be a gunner in the Wild West.

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