Destroy the boxes in Korbats Lab

Korbats Lab is a very interesting flash game to play with because there are things or features that are exciting to engage with. It also has a great story instore for gamers to ponder about. But first, let’s tackle two reasons why you will love the mentioned game. First is because of the involvement of ball which most of us are familiar with which makes gaming easier and happier. Second is because of the challenge brought by certain enemies like bats and spiders. If you want to know more about his game, you can simply rely on the next paragraph.

Korbats Lab

The story in this is about a mad scientist who wants to create a deadly potion in a hidden laboratory. Your mission as the player is to stop the scientist with his plans by destroying all the potions located in boxes. You will have to utilize the paddle and the ball in order to destroy all the boxes. But you must be able to collect the falling potions as much as you can.

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