Defend your beloved village in Horde Siege

In a game or sports, there are two important things needed to win besides sportsmanship and camaraderie. They are defense and offense. These two are very important because if one is lacking, the other one will suffer. It is better that these two are present than only one. Offense pertains to attacking and creating force towards the opponents while defense pertains to defending by blockings, shields and towers. There is a flash game that simply incorporates these two aspects and it is called Horde Siege.

If you are familiar with the game Storm Ops 3, then you will be glad to be playing Horde Siege. You will act as the protector of your beloved village. You must try to defend it against incoming invaders and enemies which are hordes of orcs. You will be given a trusty bow which you can use together with certain arrows in shooting the hordes until they are all shot and killed. Your performance in each stage is important because you can use the points in upgrading your equipment.

Horde Siege

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