Control the insect carefully and quickly in Bug on a Wire

Insects are not like pests that damage or destroy crops. Insects have their own value that we should respect and take good care of. They balance the ecosystem together with mankind to create harmony and relationship that will lasts a lifetime. Entertainment people are able to grasp the potential of insects to be good characters and background in different mediums.

Bug On A Wire (1)

One example is the flash game called Bug on a Wire which is being presented in this article that you are scanning and skimming at the moment. This obviously features a bug which should be controlled by the gamers. The mechanics is pretty simple. You will act as the bug on the game. There will be hindrances along the way that you should be able to overcome such as birds. You should be able to switch wires as long as it is needed to succeed. Try playing Bug on a Wire now at and you will surely have fun.

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