Control the ball in Hiroads

Are you up for a challenging skill game? Test your hand and eye coordination and your patience too in the game Hiroads. See how many levels you can get through, if you can.

Hiroads (2)

Hiroads is a three dimensional platform addicting game. You will help the ball as it make its way to the end of each level. But of course, the way is not smooth at all. There are obstacles along the way. The road is bumpy and not straight at all. You can control the ball with the arrow keys or the ASWD keys on your keyboard. Make it jump with your spacebar or with the Letter Z key. you have to react quick for the game is in a fast-pace mode. You can slowdown the ball but it would not help at all.

The Plimpi website is a gaming site where you can play tons of games totally for free. And you can find the game Hiroads in Plimpi. Simply type Hiroads in the search bar and the game icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to proceed playing Hiroads in Plimpi

There are a total of eighteen levels or roads to play in Hiroads. Levels are divided into six colors: green, blue, orange, purple, red and brown roads. Each color has three roads. You can choose whichever road you like to try, there are no chronological orders to follow. You can play Hiroads in Plimpi for free. But if you want to more than simply playing, you can visit the official website of Hiroads and join for free by creating an account.

When you login in the official website, you can access more roads, some of them were created by other players. You can also create your own roads via level editor and share it with other players. You can also share your thoughts in the community or read on other players’ comments.

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