Connect Pipes with Plumber 1

Puzzle games are good mediums where an individual can test his or her skills in solving forms and positions. Flash games with puzzle themes may look simple but they are challenging once the game progresses. Plumber 1 is one perfect example of a puzzle game. This is technically called pipe fitter but the former sounds better. Curious and anxious about this game? Just continue reading the contents below.
Plumber 1 is literally and figuratively about pipe fixing and connecting. This is somehow, a virtual plumbing activity minus the dirt and other stuffs in real life. The rule of the game is to connect pipes as well as fix them by rotating and connecting them with other pipes. Though may seem so easy, it has a time limit to put pressure to the player. The least number of moves, the better. If you want to experience this puzzle game, search it online using available gaming sites.

Plumber 1

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