Come back of Scary Maze Game 7!!!

Who doesn’t know the thrill of Scary Maze game!! Yes, it came back with a latest version called Scary Maze game 7!! Definitely this version is offering you many new stages and obstacles!! At the end, what’s gonna happen? I think we all know about that! Ha Ha! So get ready to play the game and show how steady your hand is.
The primary levels are quite easier than the advanced levels. There will be stages of different shapes like stars or rounds or blocks etc. You need to take the dot (which will be controlled by the usage of your mouse) to the destination. As it is a latest version, so while going to the destination you will face obstacles like various enemies for which you might lost the game. After completing target levels, what will you achieve? If you wanna know then please play the game !!!!

Scary Maze Game 7 (2)

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