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A Popular Flash Game- Bubble Spinner

One of the amazing and popular flash games is Bubble Spinner. You will love to play this game for couple of hours. You will get the game in internet and can play for free! You can click here to play the game.
Bubble spinner a very simple game which is derived from a popular game bubble shooter. It consist continuously rotated multi-colored bubble. You just have to shoot the similar colored bubble. Your point will be given for clearing the same bubble from the game. The interesting part of the game is the bubbles keep rotating and when you target a bubble to shoot it changes its direction and a wrong colored bubble is shout out.
The popularity behind of this flash game is, it is very easy to learn the game and everyone wants to win the easy game. So, if you are bored play and enjoy the Bubble Spinner.

The Rules of Game of Life

Did you remember the game named Game of Life that was available in game box? Yes, later it was available on CD. Now you can download the game! Visit and try it!

In the Game of Life you have to make certain decision regarding your education, career, investment etc. The aim of this game is to earn as much money as you can. It is played by multiple players. There is a spin wheel that is used to determine the number of steps to move. The player with the highest number will start the game. First you have to decide will you go to college or start working. You will face different situations along the way where you have to take the best decision. Aside from you career, you will have the opportunity to get married and have kids and finally you have to decide where you want to spend your golden life.

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing this amazing game now!

Bubble Breaker 2: The Game is on

Have you played the famous puzzle game bubble breaker commonly known as Bebbled. Then you will like to play Bubble Breaker 2 in . It is more fascination than the earlier version. The question is- what are the new features of this new version?

In the latest version of this game, there are 33 new and unique levels. Improved graphics and easy interface have made these levels more interesting. A player can select any of the six modes at the beginning – Megashift, Timeshifter, Continuous Classic, Continuous, Shifter or Standard to play the game. Each of the modes has its own difficulty level as well as unique gaming mode. Therefore, a player has the flexibility to experience different types of entertainment from the same game. Again, there are bonus levels! A player has to find these levels by achieving 13 achievements. So, are you interested to solve the puzzles of this online game?

Awesome Editing Experience with Free Rider 2 Codes

In comparison to the first one, Free Rider 2 has a significantly better editing experience.  Anticipate some clearer looking levels from Free Riders all over the world with addition of the curve and background tools.  Additionally, watch out for the new vehicle types that dramatically change how levels are developed and played.  There is a unicycle, a truck, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, and a squidgy tiny cube that can’t be damaged apart from the common bike rider.  Every single vehicle has a different function and feel, for example; the helicopter can soar, which tends to make your typical bike-centric level a little less complicated and significantly heightens the amount of excitement you can have with a very simple game.  Other new improvements in this sequel, together with Free Riders 2 codes, include the capability to modify gravity or add slow-motion to particular areas or create boosts, and add bombs.

Be an Artist with Free Rider 2 Codes

Free Rider 2 game is an addicting line drawing, racing game where you are the artist and game designer.  You can sketch your own tracks and make your own levels.  Levels and tracks in Free Rider 2 are entirely designed by user with Free Rider 2 codes compared with most flash games online.  You can put checkpoints and goals, get feedback and reviews from other gamers and draw fast racing levels.  You can also modify your friends’ tracks and publish them in Facebook with the interactive free riding application. Unlike the first one, Free Rider 2 is now in color so; you can draw colored lines with preset color codes or even custom hex codes.  You can also obtain the free rider 2 color swf file using the download link.  No programming expertise is needed to turn into a flash game developer with this game.  Develop a track with powerups and boosts, and use booming bombs on the map! Ride a vehicle through your own level such as BMX, mountain bike, ATV, monster truck, and more fun and creative vehicles!

Design Your Own Path with Free Rider 2 Codes

In Free Rider 2 game, you can shape, modify and decorate the environment by making use of a large tool set.  Take to the arrow keys and drive your driver through the stage once you are done.    This game is much better than the first with its editor kind of experience.  Background landscapes, solid lines and curves are just a few of the things you can do using the tool set with Free Rider 2 codes.  You can also execute standard editing job such as erasing or saving work and add power –ups.  It is so simple to use and you can do almost everything you need to create any obstacle or path.  Use the arrow keys to lean forward or backwards and (up) to shift your vehicle in that directions after you have completed a basic level.  Gravity and physics are both your friend and enemy in this game.