Can you find treasures in Duck Life 6

If you had fun playing Duck Life game series, you will surely love more than all its prequels the sixth installment. It is said that there are treasures in the cave of the volcano. Be one of the duck adventurers and seek those treasures.

Duck Life 6 (3)

Your goal in Duck Life 6 is to collect as many coins as you can. There are lots of shops outside the cave where you can find useful items such as pets, high tech devices, potions and coin magnets to help through the race. You can also use the coins to groom yourself or change your appearance. One added feature in this sequel is that all accessories or clothes are not just decorations. Clothes and accessories now give boost to your duckling; the more expensive the item, the more boost it gives. And you can now bring a pet to help you with your journey in the cave.

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