Bubble Shooter 2: The New Improved Challenging Series

GamesGames developed and released the second series of the original Bubble Shooter Game. It is one of the most played bubble shooting games in the Android Market. However, Bubble Shooter 2 more challenging and addicting than the first series. It has improved graphics, sounds, effects, gameplay and features. You may think that this game is very simple. However, there are difficulties on every level that you have to overcome which makes the game more exhilarating. Furthermore, the main thing that you need to do is to shoot all the bubbles that are clustered which have the same color. As the clustered bubbles explode, you will gain points. This only shows how great the game is. But, that’s not all! There also comes a time where bubbles reached the bottom part of the screen. That is why; prevent it so you will not lose the game. Dare to start your adventure in this wonderful game!

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