Bubble Breaker 2: The Game is on

Have you played the famous puzzle game bubble breaker commonly known as Bebbled. Then you will like to play Bubble Breaker 2 in http://www.bubble-breaker.net/bubble-breaker-2/ . It is more fascination than the earlier version. The question is- what are the new features of this new version?

In the latest version of this game, there are 33 new and unique levels. Improved graphics and easy interface have made these levels more interesting. A player can select any of the six modes at the beginning – Megashift, Timeshifter, Continuous Classic, Continuous, Shifter or Standard to play the game. Each of the modes has its own difficulty level as well as unique gaming mode. Therefore, a player has the flexibility to experience different types of entertainment from the same game. Again, there are bonus levels! A player has to find these levels by achieving 13 achievements. So, are you interested to solve the puzzles of this online game?

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