Be an Artist with Free Rider 2 Codes

Free Rider 2 game is an addicting line drawing, racing game where you are the artist and game designer.  You can sketch your own tracks and make your own levels.  Levels and tracks in Free Rider 2 are entirely designed by user with Free Rider 2 codes compared with most flash games online.  You can put checkpoints and goals, get feedback and reviews from other gamers and draw fast racing levels.  You can also modify your friends’ tracks and publish them in Facebook with the interactive free riding application. Unlike the first one, Free Rider 2 is now in color so; you can draw colored lines with preset color codes or even custom hex codes.  You can also obtain the free rider 2 color swf file using the download link.  No programming expertise is needed to turn into a flash game developer with this game.  Develop a track with powerups and boosts, and use booming bombs on the map! Ride a vehicle through your own level such as BMX, mountain bike, ATV, monster truck, and more fun and creative vehicles!

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