An introductory stacking adventure in Super Stacker 1

What if the world has no shapes at all? Can you imagine how things will look like? Maybe most of you will answer about dullness and incomplete world which is true. Shapes are trully important in so many ways. There are many uses of shapes in this world. They give form and structure to any object, living or not living as well as the environment. They say that the best way to introduce shapes to young kids is through playing games. A good example of a flash game that children can play is the one called Super Stacker 1. This is the introductory part or anchor game from the series with the same title minus the number one.


From the title itself, you can determine that it has something to do with stacking. The objective of the player in this game is to stack the shapes according to the form or figure required in each level. If you already stack the figure, it will have to stand for a given time. If it breaks or falls, you will lose a life. If it ables to stand, you will advance to the next level. This is a matter of control and timing to be successful in the game.

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