A super wheel presence in Earn to Die

Earn to Die is a flash game that incorporates zombies, cars and weapons in it. Zombies as we all know are entertaining to engage with or watch. Cars are vehicles that most people are passionate about. Weapons that are used in defending or eliminating dangers, obstacles and enemies. If you combine all the three mentioned points, the result will be a great and worthy flash game.


Your mission as the player in this game is to drive a specific car and crash zombies so that you can earn enough points or money for upgrades. There are weapons that you can buy to boost your performance. The new feature in this game is a super wheel which really boosts your driving and crashing. The cars that you can drive are Small Hatchback, Good Old Pick up and Cool Heavy Truck. Play it now and have a blast crashing the walking or running dead depending on the level you are in.

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