Japanese Jello Game-Free Flash Game

Japanese Jello Game is free flash game available on our site. This game will give you the taste of Japanese culture. Here you have to take the jello which is a special Japanese food. Taking the food from stack and keeping it on a tray is the aim in this game.
Japanese Jello Game has different part and most of them are popular. The concept is simple that is taking the jello and putting them on a single tray. The food is very smooth and taking it from one place to another is tough and the tray is not very big so you have to adjust all the jello in that tray like a stack. For the online game lovers this is a unique one and it is free. As you don’t have to pay any money for playing this game you can enjoy it as long as you want.


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Have Good Time with Multiplayer Basketball

Do you like to play Basketball? Over the internet you will find several basketball games and most of the games are very interesting to play. Whenever you want you can play the Multiplayer Basketball game which allows you to play with your friend over the internet. Check out this excellent game here http://www.onlinebasketballgames.org/multiplayer-basketball/.
Multiplayer Basketball game is very thrilling and when you will play the game you will get lots of fun. It is a very challenging game and you are going to have lots of fun from it. It is your task to play the game properly so that you can gain the maximum numbers of baskets. If you don’t like to play with computer then you can invite your friends to play it with you over the internet. The game has the most amazing graphics and it will be a very thrilling experience for you to play this game.


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Design cake and win trophy on Cake mania 4

Now the wait is over, Jill is back with more blasts in Cake mania 4. This time Jill will work to save the whole main street not only her grandparents. To prepare a yummy and designer cake play all day here. Cake mania 4 is just like before and there is even more fun in this. In Cake mania 4 it also needs your business experience not only your baking talent. You will have the opportunity to manage other stores other than your family’s bakeshop. Now in Cake mania 4 you will have the option to play Risha, Tiny and Jack as the character, not only Jill. You have 100 levels in Cake mania 4. Just upgrade your store and equipments to become more productive and serve your customers better. Your earning depends upon your investment as you can work faster with a bigger store and additional store and additional tools. After a success if you open other restaurants on the game, except the shop of Jill’s grandparents.

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Get fun from the Duck Life Game

Actually there have a lot of games invented in this recent time for the kids. Most of the kids like to play the cutest game and those games which give them so much fun. This Duck Life Game also makes for the kids and the kids must get fun from this game. Actually this game is play for the duck so they can get fun for it. So you should check here for get this funny game to get real fun.
You may know that this game is played with the duck and you can get this news from the name of the game. In this game you may see that there have little little cute duck. So when a kid is going to play this game, he must get huge fun by playing this game. So I think this Duck Life Game is the best game for the kids.

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Duck Life 4 – Matches Up To Your Expectations!

Duck Life 4 is one of the most played versions of the Duck Life series. This is because this part was launched with a lot of new features – training boards and new kind of ducklings available at the coin shop. The funny thing is that in the beginning you get to pick out an egg only on the basis of color and not traits as it was in the previous part. White, yellow or brown – choose your favorite color and move on to the training session. Initially, you have just $160 to spend. And $100 is lost when you buy an egg. However, as you go on winning races and making progress, you will earn more money. With this cash, you can buy different eggs or stylish hats for your little duck. You can either choose to train first or straightway start the race. The controls are easy to learn and step by step instructions are given when you train your duck.

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Shopping cart hero 3: A Wonderful Game it is!

Shopping Cart Hero 3 is a game worth playing. It makes you feel as if you are experiencing a real-life situation. The developers of the game must have made much effort to create this wonderful game. If you want to have fun playing it on your PC, download now this game. The settings of the game are designed to suit your preferences like you can on or off the music and change the graphic quality. The aim of this game is to push your cart down a steep hill as fast as you can, jump in and fly high in the air. The score you receive depends on a variety of aspects like distance, speed, style and tricks you use.
Shopping Cart Hero 2 has some new upgrades like Round Wheels, Handlebar Streamers, Groupie, Rockets and Baseball Bat etc. This makes the game even more interesting. So without any more delay, start playing this superb game.

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Electric Man- An Action Packed Game

Online games are becoming popular day by day. They come up with so much entertaining games that people loves to play these games. Each of them comes up with something new. If you are new in this world then you will definitely get confused by getting so many titles. You can’t try all the games at a time and at the same time you can’t miss any fun game. Here you will know about a game that you are really going to love. This is called Electric Man. It is an action packed game which is full of excitements.  Why don’t you finish this game!
In the game you have to defeat your opponents. Basically in the game all the players will be fight for a title. So, you can guess how competitive the game is. If you can’t defeat you enemy you will lose the tournament and also lose the game.

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Play Uphill Rush 5

Are you offend with the car and bike racing games and want something unique? Uphill Rush 5 is here to help you. This is the only game where you can change your vehicle type. It is only a bike or a car racing game; actually it is a combined game of different vehicles. It is the best game ever to play for all.
Uphill Rush 5 is very much interesting game if you are committed to play it. When you will play for the first time it may seem that controlling the vehicles is little bit hard. But you can match with the controls very quickly by trying it for few minutes. The controls are made so easy for the gamers. It is a great source on the internet for getting some fun. Especially the race lovers can enjoy this awesome game very much. Download it or play the game online on your computer browser.

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Enjoy Skull Kid 3

Skull Kid 3 is another installment of the game series which is quite popular as the other installments of the game series. It is a widely played online flash game which is a cover based one. The game is on the basic idea of killing enemies. Playing all day you can get lots of fun.
Are you thinking that Skull Kid 3 is an awesome game so you have to pay for playing it? You are wrong because it is a free game for all. The game is played online without paying any money. The game is very much addicting because the story attracts the players very much. You have to go through the entire school building to make it free from enemies. So play the game online right now for free and enjoy the time with great joy. Remember that you must install the adobe flash player in your computer to play the game.

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Into Space 2 – Fly to Mars!

Into Space 2 takes you to Mars, the red planet. This second version of the game series is so interesting that you can keep playing all day and lose track of time. After reaching outer space in the first edition, you have to travel to Mars in this one. The rocket can be controlled with the help of arrow keys. Even the WASD keys can be used for navigation. You earn rewards based on your performance after completing every round. You get cash, fuel or power for each of your achievements. For example, if you manage to cross the speed of 300 mph while still on Earth, you receive $250 and +3 power. Some new features have also been added to this version. One of these includes the mini games, which are small missions that you have to complete with your rocket. Successfully completion of these missions will unlock new tools and equipment.

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