best scary games online

If you are up for some scary games, visit the website to play the best scary games online. In this website, you will find all the scary maze games that will give you the shock of your life. And you can even share the fun experience with you friends and colleagues.

The Scary Maze game series is a fun game of mazes to cross. But crossing the mazes is not that simple. There is one rule that you must strictly follow. That is not to ever touch the walls of the games. Once you have touched the walls of the maze, the game will be over. The first maze of each scary maze game is usually easy to cross since it has a wide road. But as you go on to the next maze, the road gets narrower and narrower. That will make crossing the maze harder without touching the walls. Scary Maze games usually have five levels and a bonus round if you made it through the five levels. Challenge yourself to finish each game without breaking the rule.

The Scary Maze game series is a fun and challenging game to play. It will test and improve your skills. It will test your hand and eye coordination. How much can you control the object not to bump into the walls? It will also test how much you can concentrate as you cross each maze. Playing these games will surely increase your concentration ability and improve your hand and eye coordination.

Playing Scary Maze games would be more fun if you have the right ambiance. Turn off your lights or shut down any source of light. And turn up the volume too. Do not forget to share your experience with family, friends and colleagues. Just take note that the game is not for persons with weak hearts or those with heart conditions.

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Control the ball in Hiroads

Are you up for a challenging skill game? Test your hand and eye coordination and your patience too in the game Hiroads. See how many levels you can get through, if you can.

Hiroads (2)

Hiroads is a three dimensional platform addicting game. You will help the ball as it make its way to the end of each level. But of course, the way is not smooth at all. There are obstacles along the way. The road is bumpy and not straight at all. You can control the ball with the arrow keys or the ASWD keys on your keyboard. Make it jump with your spacebar or with the Letter Z key. you have to react quick for the game is in a fast-pace mode. You can slowdown the ball but it would not help at all.

The Plimpi website is a gaming site where you can play tons of games totally for free. And you can find the game Hiroads in Plimpi. Simply type Hiroads in the search bar and the game icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to proceed playing Hiroads in Plimpi

There are a total of eighteen levels or roads to play in Hiroads. Levels are divided into six colors: green, blue, orange, purple, red and brown roads. Each color has three roads. You can choose whichever road you like to try, there are no chronological orders to follow. You can play Hiroads in Plimpi for free. But if you want to more than simply playing, you can visit the official website of Hiroads and join for free by creating an account.

When you login in the official website, you can access more roads, some of them were created by other players. You can also create your own roads via level editor and share it with other players. You can also share your thoughts in the community or read on other players’ comments.

Serve the best chicken wings in Papa’s Wingeria

Are you looking for something exciting and worth playing? If yes, then you will be delighted with the flash game presented in this content. The name of the flash game is called Papa’s Wingeria. This is an edition or part of the successful game series called Papa’s Cooking Games and Papa Louie. There are two things great about this game. First are the food that you have to cook and serve which are delicious. Second are the things that you have to do in order to run the Wingeria.


Basically, this game is about cooking and serving chicken wings. You will be the one taking charge of the whole restaurant. There are four stations that you have to work on in a cycle. First is the order station where you will be taking the orders of the customers. Second is the frying station where you will cook the wings. Third is the sauce station for sauces of the wings. Last is the build station where you will organize and assemble orders based on the specifications present on the order tickets.

Organize the flow of traffic at Crash Town

Crash Town is an example of a flash game that has a unique gameplay. From the title alone, you can sense that it has something to do with crashing and mayhem. You are correct but your mission in this game is different. Since this game is called as it is, you will be dealing with a disorganization of traffic. The situation is that there is a town named Crash Town for the reason that there is always a mayhem happening on the road day by day.

Crash Town (4)

Your ultimate goal is not to create more mayhem or chaos but to stop them. In each road, you will have to put the necessary signs and ample so that the flow of traffic will be smooth sailing. But you must remember that each level progresses which means that the scenario or chaos becomes bigger and tougher to accomplish. Your keys to success in this game are right timing and coordination.

Serve hotdogs with the Former President in Hot Dog Bush

Oh no! George “Dubya” Bush has been kicked out of the White House. He has no knowledge about other things but he needs a job so that he can stand up once again and be a productive citizen. In Hot Dog Bush you will help him adjust to his new job and make hungry people happy.

Bush Hot Dog Stand  (5)

Serve snacks in different parts of the United States and earn money for George’s retirement house. Serve hungry people as fast as you can, before they pay you less or leave the hotdog stand. People will go to your stand over a period of time and there will be a bubble in their head, cook the food they ordered and get the money. You will be cooking mainly hotdogs, but as you go on the game there will be more foods that you must prepare. The food that they order will be random, it could be hotdog, burger, fries or lemonade. The order could also be a combination of 2 or 3 items. Click on the ingredients to cook and prepare it, and drag the food that they ordered to them. Leave a hotdog or a patty too long in the grill and it will burn. The score in Hot Dog Bush is the cash that you get from the customers. There is a cutoff each day, and it gets higher as you go on other places. Watch out for thieves in and other customers that order and get the food but runs away without even paying. Click on an escaping customer and they will pay, while apologizing.

Hot Dog Bush is fun and fast-paced but pretty frustrating at times as well. After you finish all the stages of the game, you will be counting all of the money you collected. There is a high score list in the game, so if you work hard, you can have your name in that list. You can play the game on

Draw Fast or Drop Dead in Smokin Barrels

Survive in the Wild West and build your reputation as the top gun in Smokin Barrels. Draw with the most notorious names in the desert to gain the money and reputation that you deserve. Customize and buy equipment for your gunner to beat those who are on top. Starting off with a gun and a bullet that is not even worth a cent. Prove to everyone that you got what it takes to be the star. The game is easy, the mouse is the only thing that you will be using. In the start of each duel, you will put the mouse pointer in the safe area under your gunner. Then an officiating cowboy will signal the start, upon shouting the word “Draw”.

Smokin Barrels (1)

A target will appear and you and your opponent will race to it and fire your gun by using the Left click on the mouse. The closer you shoot in the middle, the higher damage you will deal to the opponent. Both sides have health bar on top and the one who drains it all first loses. Buy powerful guns and cowboy hats to enter the big league. After defeating all the gunners in the West, you can purchase the Sniper Rifle to unlock a mini game. Try out Smokin Barrels and see if you have what it takes to be a gunner in the Wild West.

Win the race and know the truth in Slide Racing

If you enjoy racing, you will surely enjoy Slide Racing. Slide Racing is a free racing computer game online. Try this game and be a hall of famer in the world of car racing. Slide Racing is a race with a touch of little drama. Almond, a young and promising ambitious racer, learned everything about racing from his father and aided with an experience mechanic. The twist came when Almond’s father was slain.


This time, he will go in a rough car race and aside from winning, your ultimate purpose is to discover who is responsible in the death of Almond’s dearly father. There are eight tracks in this race, and you as Almond must do everything you can to win this dramatic race. In every race won, new tracks and being unlocked and chances are also given to upgrade your vehicles for a more challenging competition. Play this game using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Control your tank efficiently in Awesome Tanks 3

Awesome Tanks 3 is the third edition from the game series called Awesome Tanks. This is a game that obviously features tanks. Let us quickly talk about tanks before going into further details. There are different tanks and their varied purposes. There are called water tanks used for storing water. War tanks have different use from the previous mentioned examples because these are used during war. The player’s objective in this game is to play as a tank and must defeat and eliminate other tanks in the platform using different weapons available or can be found on the playing field.


This is a game about strategy and tactics as well as quickness and efficiency. There are two modes in this third edition which are normal and challenge mode. The former is about destroying every tank coming on your way while the latter is performing certain objectives required. Test your skills in tank maneuvering at

Weapon utilization is a must in Strike Force Heroes 1

Are you looking for something exciting and adventurous? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get interested with the topic that this article is offering or presenting to its viewers or readers. The name of the game is Strike Force Heroes 1. This is an example of a shooting game that has been existing online for quite some time already. This is actually the first edition from the game series with the same title minus the number 1 on it.

Strike Force Heroes (1)

The goal or objective of the players who want to embark on the adventure that this game presents are to defeat the enemies or opponents using the different weapons provided in the game. The first thing that you have to do is customize your soldier that you will be controlling in the game. You can choose from four types of soldier that you want to take part on which are Medic, Tank, Assassin and Commando. Each type of soldier corresponds to a particular level of challenge that the players will embark or face.

Control the insect carefully and quickly in Bug on a Wire

Insects are not like pests that damage or destroy crops. Insects have their own value that we should respect and take good care of. They balance the ecosystem together with mankind to create harmony and relationship that will lasts a lifetime. Entertainment people are able to grasp the potential of insects to be good characters and background in different mediums.

Bug On A Wire (1)

One example is the flash game called Bug on a Wire which is being presented in this article that you are scanning and skimming at the moment. This obviously features a bug which should be controlled by the gamers. The mechanics is pretty simple. You will act as the bug on the game. There will be hindrances along the way that you should be able to overcome such as birds. You should be able to switch wires as long as it is needed to succeed. Try playing Bug on a Wire now at and you will surely have fun.